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Engaging Experience 

At Equidae Farm we take pride in building a community which is focused on riders & their horses within a team oriented, fun, and educational environment.  From riding lessons that include thoughtful goal setting and training plans, to ground manners and grooming, there is much to be learned both in and out of the saddle.  Opportunities for positive horsemanship abound!   Riders are involved in the goal setting, training, and showing plan with your equine partner.  All this, while benefiting from the convenience of a state-of-the-art, full-care boarding and training facility.

Our Focus

At Equidae Farm we focus on TEaM: Training, Educating, and Mentoring both horse and rider.

  • Training horses to reach their potential with an eye for safety and strong horse/rider harmony all while presenting strong show standards in preparation for the competitive ring.

  • Educating junior and amateur horse owners in best practices of horsemanship, equine science, and animal husbandry using resources available at USEF, USHJA, USDF, USEA, USPC, WSHJA, our in-house trainers, and our local community of experts.

  • Mentoring riders and their families within a supportive community as they enjoy their horse and set goals at the stable, show ring, and beyond.

We welcome you to email us today for inquiries about our Equidae Farm experience.


-The Hallman-Luhn Family

The Hallman-Luhn Family: Derek, Jennifer, Ella, and Sarah

Owners, Equidae Farm

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